Emigrant Peak Zone

The Emigrant Peak Target Zone is one of two major hydrothermally altered centers related to the multiphased intrusive of the Emigrant Stock. This target area is located in the core of the Emigrant District on the eastern slope of Emigrant Peak near the western contact of the Emigrant Stock. The target is a distinct center of alteration and sulfide mineralization (pyrite is estimated at 2-5 % of the total rock mass). The alteration/mineralization of this system is manifested as a triangular-shaped strongly hydrothermally altered area approximately 1,463 meters (4,800 feet) on a side. The yellowish-red-brown color of the anomaly results from jarosite-limonite alteration of sulfides in the rock (Green 1976).

Sulfide mineralization is distributed as both dissemination and as a widespread network of veinlets, and quartz-pyrite veinlets are common and pervasive in the central core area. Other sulfides include chalcopyrite, molybdenite and galena; and in addition, chalcopyrite, chalcocite and covellite occur disseminated and in narrow stock-work quartz veins. Sulfide minerals are zoned from a copper sulfide-molybdenite core, outward through a zone of pyrite-chalcopyrite and further outward to a halo of sphalerite and galena.

In 1971, Basic Metals, Inc. contracted with Applied Geophysics Inc. to conduct Induced Polarization geophysical surveys over the Emigrant Peak Target Area. In 2006, NewEdge Gold contracted with Carlson Geophysics of Missoula Montana to reinterpret the historical induced polarization and refine the Induced Polarization / Resistivity data that was collected in 1971 using more advance computer techniques than were available at the time the data was collected. The reinterpretation found extremely high chargeability anomalies that likely indicate sulfides and associated mineralization in the survey area and are areas to be focused on for mineral exploration.

The Emigrant Peak Target Area exhibits a number of characteristics that indicate it is a prime target for porphyry Cu-Mo-Au mineralization. A distinct alteration and color anomaly resulting from sulfide oxidation exists on the eastern flank of Emigrant Peak where the Emigrant stock is in contact with adjacent volcanics. Finally, the geophysical anomalies identified in the Emigrant Peak Target Area are very supportive of a porphyry system of alteration. The only drill hole in this area was a deep hole drilled by AMAX in 1963 and was not oriented properly to test this target area.

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